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Andana provides expert services in organic waste management. We specialize in projects that help avoid sending valuable waste materials to landfills. The same way that paper, plastic and metal is reusable, organic waste can also be recycled. Often called sludge or biosolids, organic waste can be composted, used as an energy source in anaerobic digesters, used for science and environmental research as well as be reused as valuable fertilizer on agricultural land. It is also referred to as non-agricultural source material (NASM) in certain provinces

All of our projects are performed with sustainability in mind, both from an ecological and economical point of view. At Andana, each customer gets personalized care. We operate in an open, honest and reliable way while striving to maximize the use of local resources.

Biosolids land application

Turn key service

Andana offers turnkey services to its customers who need to recycle their organic waste. This consists mainly of stocking organic waste on farmlands for land spreading, working as a fertilizer by providing essential nutrients to growing crops.

Our services include the recycling of various materials;

Biosolids generated by municipal waste water recovery plants
Biosolids generated by paper mill plants
Industrial waste produced from food transformation
Biosolids generated by septic systems
Digestate from biomethanation (anaerobic digestion)

Free fertilizers for agricultural producers

Procurement Service

The land spreading of biosolids is generally the most economical and eco-friendly way to dispose of biosolids, resulting in a beneficial outcome for the entire community. The biosolids are usually delivered directly to the farm, free of costs to the farmers. This allows farmers to benefit from the nutrients contained in the fertilizing sludge, while reducing their overall costs of agricultural fertilization


Our goal is to be leaders in the organic waste industry, shaping the market towards a more environmentally-friendly future. The ongoing success of our clients is attributed to the detailed knowledge and skill of our experts and partners. We do this through value-added services and by supporting our team in progressing towards sustainable growth.

With a passion for the wellbeing of the environment, Andana is an expert on minimizing the amount of organic waste being sent to landfills.


We pride ourselves on our open communication and transparency. Integrity and honesty are the necessary foundation of our company.

Our great customer satisfaction is the result of the high quality of service provided by Andana with constant respect towards the environment, our partners and our farmers.


Our team includes engineers, agronomists and professional technicians, all having several years of experience within their respective fields. Additionally, we count on our extended network of multi-disciplinary specialists in the environmental field and the transportation industry.

France Pellerin

The company’s president, France Pellerin, P. Eng., is recognized for her high-level management skills, knowing how to surround herself with passionate people. France has obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering (Laval University) and has acquired additional training in industrial engineering and quality control. She has over 20 years of experience in the implementation of various large-scale projects within the environmental and technical field.

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